digital-generals-logo-retinaWhat is Digital Generals?

Digital Generals is an open area for Digital Strategy discussion. We are a bunch of Digital Marketers, Developers, Entrepreneurs and Managers that believe that Strategy can help us to achieve higher goals and bolder targets.

We believe that copycatting competitors and replicating tactics won’t make a difference and we want to learn and discuss about wining strategies that worked for others.

This website has no business model: there are no ads, no sponsors and we will never ask you for contributions. Our only purpose is to find people like us who want to get involved in this conversation on Digital and Strategy.

Why Digital Generals?

Strategy can’t exist without the figure of the Strategist: This is key piece, where the talent, skills, vision and experience meet. Strategy means in greek “The General” and that’s exactly what we want to be: Digital Generals.

Who are we?

We know we are not alone

This is what Brian Solis (@briansolis – Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group) said when he was asked about the trends for 2015 in Digital Marketing:

I’d love to say that by 2015 we will truly see digital strategies that are integrated across social, mobile, advertising, marketing, comms, et al. But, we won’t. What we will see though is a more conscious effort to bring disparate groups to the table to learn how to collaborate across screens, channels, and moments of truth to deliver ONE experience to customers wherever they are in the

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