In Digital Generals we believe that it’s about time we start delivering strategies for our customers. This is what we believe:

In Digital Generals we believe that:

  1. Digital Marketing is broken
  2. The reason is the lack of Strategy
  3. Business Goals are normally too specific and fluffy
  4. No one talks about how to get there
  5. We are awesome at tactics, SEO, PPC, CRO, Analytics, Social…
  6. … but no one has a clear strategy on what to do
  7. Strategy implies focus, target and let go
  8. Companies rely in Agencies to come up with Strategies
  9. Agencies expect their clients to guide them in a Strategy
  10. Digital Marketing has been built in silos
  11. A bunch of tactics don’t make a campaign
  12. A bunch of campaigns don’t make a Strategy
  13. CMO’s are overloaded with tactics, they can’t coordinate
  14. CMO’s have no time for Vision or just don’t have it at all
  15. Digital Business can’t be just about price reduction
  16. You don’t need to be a great corporation to have a Strategy
  17. Strategies are Mid- Long term, while companies try to hold on the present
  18. We lack traditional Marketing strategists in the industry
  19. Marketing is about Vision and Value, so a strategy is
  20. Strategy can solve many of the problems of the company
  21. Strategy is the finest for of Marketing and Business creativity
  22. With a clear strategy our tactics can pile one on the other
  23. Strategy can’t follow a template or framework
  24. Your Vision is only as good as your Plan to reach it
  25. We can help our companies and clients to build a winning Strategy

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